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Renaisance Era: Circa 1300-1500

'Off to the Faire' Dress - $39.95

This outfit includes a Chemise, or Smock, a Skirt and a Vest. It features:

  • A cream cotton chemise that has elasticized sleeves and neckline
  • A sage green fabric skirt with an overskirt of floral calico.
  • A matching green vest that laces in the front with gold eyelets and a cream ribbon.

This dress is shown with a petticoat, sold separately.

What was a ‘Faire’?

A ‘Faire’ is a modern living-history reenactment of Renaissance life that is set in a type of marketplace. Renaissance Faires as we know them did not exist until the 1960’s. It is a way for modern people to experience a great variety of entertainment, food, and sports that people of the higher classes would have enjoyed in the past. During the Renaissance, traveling groups of entertainers, such as minstrels and bards, would come to a village and they might have had something like a ‘Faire’, but modern-day reenactments are very different from what would have been.

This dress is very similar to what might have been worn by a peasant in the 16th century. Many times a peasant’s clothing was simple and did not consist of many pieces, unlike the clothing of higher-class nobles. A peasant’s clothing would have been made out of linen or wool as cotton was not widely available.

What is a ‘Chemise’?

A chemise, also known as a smock or shift, was a large roomy shirt that was worn underneath clothing right next to the skin. Clothing was so expensive, that the purpose of the chemise was to keep the clothing from being soiled by contact with bare skin. A chemise was also used for many centuries as a nightshirt. It could be several lengths and was worn by both men and women.

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