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Renaisance Era: Circa 1300-1500

'Emilie of Saxony' Dress - $36.95

This beautiful dress is inspired by a German Renaissance portrait. It features:

  • A burgundy crinkled taffeta dress with a high waist and a gathered skirt.
  • The sleeves are fashioned with puffs of cream embroidered eyelet and cuffs of taffeta. The sleeves cuffs are also fashioned with embroidered Jacquard ribbon*.
  • The bodice has an inset of black satin which is embellished with cream ribbon lacing and jacquard ribbon*. The bodice is also trimmed with black braid.
  • The skirt features a band of jacquard ribbon* above the hem.

* Note: The exact pattern of the Jacquard ribbon trim may vary from the photos. Please contact us for more information.

Who is Emilie of Saxony?

Emilie of Saxony was the wife of Margrave George of Brandenburg-Ansbach, a city in Bavaria, Germany. As the wife of a Margrave, her title was Margravine. A Margrave was a medieval title for a nobleman, similar to an Earl or a Duke.

Emilie served as Margravine from 1536-1543. After her husband died, she served as the legal guardian for her son George Frederick. Emilie and her husband were strict Lutherans, and they have both been described as wise, virtuous and pious.

This dress is inspired by a painting of Emilie of Saxony. The painting is by a famous German renaissance artist, Lucas Cranach the Elder. This dress is in a typical German style. The Germans were fond of styles such as slashed sleeves, laced bodices, and gathered skirts.

Who is Lucas Cranach the Elder?

Lucas Cranach the Elder was a German Renaissance artist, and court painter to Saxon nobles for most of his career. He is known for his portraits of the German nobility and also for the leaders of the Protestant Reformation, including portraits of Martin Luther and his wife, Catarina von Bora. Lucas was also a witness at the wedding of the two famous reformers and godfather to their first child.

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'Emilie of Saxony' Dress
'Emilie of Saxony' Dress